• Kieshia Chun

Pugtato Babysits the Snouts by Sophie Corrigan

Pugtato is an adorable story of a pug-looking potato who is definitely more like a pug than a potato!

His brussel sprout/pig neighbours ask Pugtato to babysit their children while they visit the market, to which he happily obliges. He treats them like babies, much to their dismay, and they soon begin to show him that they are anything but innocent little infants.

The book takes you through their day, through fields, on their way to the greenhouse and it becomes evident pretty quickly that it is in fact Pugtato who requires babysitting. The Brussel snouts show him how to have fun, and that it is possible to enjoy activities without getting hurt.

Using rhyming prose to carry the story along, Sophie Corrigan cleverly adds a combination of animals to vegetables to create a multitude of characters who live in the nursery/greenhouse. The illustrations are detailed and simple at the same time, making them quite adorable, and thanks to Pugtato's sweet pug-like face, he too becomes a loveable potato, even if he's more like a baby than the babies he's looking after.

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