• Kieshia Chun

Atch...Oops! By Nicky Gilbody, illustrated by Phil Littler

The story begins with a young trainee Dream Weaver in a garden one night. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that he has no more chances left to get his spells wrong!

He manages to start creating the most amazing dream for a sleeping little boy, until he can't hold in an enormous sneeze! Suddenly, all of his magical dreams are not what they are supposed to be, and the definitely aren't with who they're supposed to be with. His wand is broken, and he can't fix it. The dreams have a mind of their own, and they're pretty crazy. There are aunties on space crafts and old ladies fighting dragons, it is chaos!

The Dream Weaver's Master appears as the sun begins to rise, and he can do nothing, but panic. His Master doesn't look best pleased, until all of the people who experienced their unusual dreams that night begin to wake and talk about how brilliant they were! The Master is pleased, and the Dream Weaver creeps away.

My little boy loves this book! He laughs out loud at the craziness of it, and asks for it most nights before bed, in the hope that he too will have unusual, wacky dreams. For me, the rhyming prose is absolutely brilliant and has great rhythm. To add to its greatness, the illustrations are so good, they bring the story to life. This book not only makes you giggle, but teaches children to embrace not just your successes, but also your mistakes, because you never know what good can come of them.

If you haven't read it yet, do. It'll have you wishing for more random, craziness in your slumbers.

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