• Kieshia Chun

A little about me...

When I was a teenager at secondary school, we had a visit from the careers advisor. She asked me what I wanted to do when I left school; I said I wanted to sing. She told me that was "lovely, but realistically, the industry was very difficult to get into, so what else do I want to do." I left that meeting feeling deflated and confused, with a little frustration thrown in for good measure. I didn't care about anything but music, drama and I liked English, so they're pretty much the only subjects that I put my efforts into.

I left school at 16, rather than go on to sixth form because I didn't see how drama and music would help me, and I didn't know what careers they or English would get me into. I worked in many jobs, mainly admin, and ironically finance (I'm so bad at maths!) until I got a chance opportunity to work on a holiday park in Berwick-upon-Tweed. I danced (I'm not a dancer) and sang at every opportunity on a holiday park for British Holidays.

The following year, I got the job of lead female vocalist on another holiday park closer to home and finally sang for a living. Only problem was, that I was still doing other jobs that weren't singing. I wrote songs for myself and relished every show. Life got in the way, and I had to find a job that paid me more and went back to the office. Years passed, I met my ex-husband and we had the 4 people who I do everything for; my children.

It wasn't until my divorce, and I'm not to proud to say, years of therapy, that I felt brave enough to go for it and become a Whitney Houston tribute, who I've always adored and sang. Finally, at the age of 33, I was singing for a living. Years passed, and it became my full time job, which enabled me to provide for my family and love what I do. Last year, I published my first children's book, whilst continuing to write my first adult novel.

So, the little girl who just wanted to sing, read and write for a living, who was basically told to be realistic, is now singing, reading and writing for a living. I've come full circle and I'm living my childhood dream.

Don't be afraid to jump, the universe has a way of making it work, if it's the direction you're supposed to be going in. 🥰

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